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The technology magazine for New Zealand schools

  • Issue 75 November 2016
    NetSafe – NZ’s own cybersafety group, helping users stay safe online.
    Think Before You Link – gives educators resources to empower kids to make responsible decisions online.
    CyberWise – learn how to use digital media safely and confidently.
    MathTV – learn maths using this collection of how-to videos.
    Q-files – free online encyclopedia specially designed for children.
    Animal Diversity Web – a database of animal natural history and conservation biology.
    Science With Me – a hub for some great science and technology learning resources.
    Catch the Science Bug – based on a TV series and offering some interesting resources to explore.
    EasyBib – generate and manage citations in various stuyles for your bibliography.
    Citelighter – automatically cite your sources as you search for facts and information.


    Issue 74 September 2016
    issue-74VocabAhead  A great collection of short videos describing and explaining words.
    Word Hippo  A simple reference tool for words. Enter your word and click ‘Find it’ for the results.
    Photos For Class  Find safe, appropriate and authorised images for your teaching.
    Symbolab  Search for equations, formulas and expressions using mathematical symbols.
    Space  News, opinions, advice and information on all things ‘spacey’ – created by BBC.
    History Buff  A wide collection of unusal and odd historical stories, articles and anecdotes.
    Mothmatic  Offers a number of fairly simple maths games.
    NZMaths  The home of methematics education in NZ.
    HappyClass  Qiuckly make classroom seating charts the way yuou want them.
    StoryJumper  A site where teachers and students can write, share and publish stories. 


    Issue 73 August 2016
    BioGraphicissue-73  Strange and beautiful portraits of biodiversity.
    Ology Biology, Archaeology, Zoology, Microbiology and more ‘ologies’
    Discover E  Engineering – what is it? Career pathways and resources
    Science Book  Life, Earth and Physical sciences interactives from DK
    Meet the Greenhouse Gases  Information about the greenhouse gases and their effects
    eGFI  STEM and engineering resources for students and teachers
    Teoria  Music Theory resources
    Pics4Learning  Image library for education – safe and free
    Disaster Detector  Learn how to predict and prepare for natural disasters
    Mummy Maker  Learn about embalming in ancient Egypt

    Issue 72 July 2016
    Issue 72SPCA Education Teachers’ Portal
    SPCA Education For Kids
    NetBasics Animated stories to address common online risks and issues
    Digital Compass Games for exploring the impact of decisions made online
    Through the Wild Web Woods Game to help children learn internet safety rules
    Mystery Science Open-and-go lessons that inspire kids to love science!
    WordSift Create a word cloud to analyse elements of a piece of text
    Knoword Online word game testing vocabulary and typing skills
    Art History Basics Khan Academy resources about the development of Art over time
    The Battle of Jutland Animation The major events of this famous WW1 sea battle
    The 25 Biggest Turning Points in Earth’s History The milestones that shaped our world over its 4.5 billion years
    Issue 71 May 2016

    Issue 71  Explore music by country and time period
    Perfect Pitch  Use baseball to explore the instruments of the orchestra
    Flat  Online tool to write music scores, and collaborate on a project
    Earth to Scale  Video to help understand astronomical distances
    Space News  TIME magazine articles and images about Space
    Teach This Poem  A poem each week, with teaching resources and activities
    Fun Science Demos  Science demonstrations for young learners
    Exploriments  Simulation-based interactive learning units for Science learning
    Art for Kids Hub  Art projects and ideas for children plus teacher/parent resources
    Artsonia  Online gallery for children’s art
    Issue 70 April 2016
    Issue 70Coaster Crafter  Design and build a virtual roller coaster.
    Science Underground  Explore science in 2-minute podcasts
    Simple Machines  Interactives showing how levers, wedges etc. work and where they are used.
    Panoramio  Google’s geolocation-oriented photo sharing mashup
    Compararea  Visually compare the area of geographic features
    How to Put a Human on Mars  The science of designing a mission to take astronauts to Mars and back
    Lifeboat to Mars  Online biology simulation game
    American Panorama  An atlas of US history – interactive maps
    Saints and Strangers  Role-play game about the Pilgrims arrival in Plymouth in 1620
    Calculus: The Musical  A comic ‘review’ of calculus concepts
    Mathsspin  Challenging mental maths games
    Issue 69 February 2016
    Issue 69Weather Wiz Kids  Weather information and activities for young children
    Tawhirimatea – the Weather  Māori words, sayings and traditions about weather, clouds and wind
    NIWA Stuff for Students  Drought, storms, greenhouse gases, clouds: the impacts of weather on the environment
    Sound Online Inventory and Catalogue  Huge library of audio files hosted by the US Library of Congress
    A Soft Murmur  Create background sounds to relax, banish distractions and create positive feelings
    Patatap  Sound kit for making music – with colours and animations
    Royal Shakespeare Company Teacher Resources  Ideas, activities and materials – including flipcharts
    EepyBird  Ordinary objects doing extraordinary things!
    XKCD  A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, maths, and language – for teachers
    Global Closet Calculator  Interactive game about interdependence and globalisation
    Urban Observatory  Compare maps of cities around the world
    Issue 68 December 2015
    Issue 68Information Please  Atlas, Encylopedia, Dictionary, Thesaurus, Day in History
    MetaGlossary  Definitions for over 2 million terms, phrases and acronyms
    Smithsonian Libraries  Collections covering subjects from Anthropology to Zoology
    The True Size Of  Showing the true size of countries, free of the distortions due to projection
    ChronoAtlas  Interactive historical atlas of the world
    Project Apollo Archive  High-resolution images from the Apollo missions to the Moon
    Mars Showcase  Images and videos from the German Aerospace Centre
    Merriam-Webster’s Words  Dictionary, Thesaurus, Medical, Scrabble, Spanish and more wordy stuff
    Mathsticks  Maths games, activities and interactive resources “making maths stick”
    Webmath  Maths help site – generates answers to user-entered questions
    Issue 67 November 2015
    Issue 67Greatest Mathematicians  Poster from
    Five Triangles  A regular feed of open-ended maths problems for middle school students
    Beautiful Chemistry  Featuring the beauty of chemistry stuctures and reactions
    Cool Cosmos  Your infrared guide to the world and the Universe beyond
    Old Maps Online  Historical maps in libraries throughout the world
    Langscape  Interactive map about languages of the world, with learning resources
    Space Race  How big is our solar system? Interactive from BBC
    Planetary Society  Empowering people to advance space science and exploration
    Dark-Sky Association  Protecting the night skies for present and future generations
    Issue 66 September 2015
    Issue 66Raindrop Melody Maker Interactive game  Make a song about raindrops
      Collection of Tunes, melodies, and musical themes
    Songsmith from Microsoft  Generates musical accompaniment to match a singer’s voice
    City Technology  Maths, science, engineering and literacy activities and examples
    Optics4Kids  Activities, optics “celebrities”, and information about the science of light
    EngineerGirl  The exciting opportunities that engineering represents for girls and women
    Sacred Texts Interactive  Twelve animated stories from six religions – images from the British Library’s collection
    Skye-Nimals  Animal images and facts. Create and share mixed-up animals
    Wolfram|Alpha Widget Gallery  Widgets for Maths, Economics, Sports, Geography, Sciences
    Issue 65 August 2015
    Issue 65Code Kingdoms  Adventure game to explain the concepts of computer programming
    All You Need is Code  Resources to promote code and computer science in schools
    Code Combat  Learn to code by playing a game
    Crunchzilla  Interactive tutorials for learning coding
    Classics for Kids  Classical music – games, lessons and stories for learning about composers and instruments
    A Soft Murmur  Mix background sounds from a range of options
    Interactive Ear  Exploring how we hear sound
    Vidtionary  Video dictionary that defines words through images
    NASA New Horizon Mission  Explore Pluto with the information from the spacecraft
    Space Facts   Scientific, historical and cultural facts about planets, galaxies, outer space
    Issue 64 July 2015
    Issue 66Web Gallery of Art European fine arts from 1000-1900
    ArtLex Art Dictionary Definitions for terms used in discussing art / visual culture
    Women Artists Self-portraits and representations of womanhood
    Art Safari  An adventure in looking for children and adults from NY MOMA
    Ships of Discovery Maritime exploration, discovery, research
    The Churchill Centre The historic legacy of Sir Winston Churchill
    MathWorld Extensive mathematics resources from Wolfram MathWorld
    Illuminations Maths  Resources for teaching math from NCTM
    Galapagos Islands Galapagos Conservancy site showcasing these unique islands
    Vimeo Video Categories Find videos indexed by subject areas
    Issue 63 May 2015

    Issue 63Word Wars  A fast-paced word scramble game – find as many words as you can in 90 seconds
    Teach Your Monster to Read  Phonics games that help children to master the key first stages of reading.
    Morse Code Machine  Learn and practise Morse Code
    Human Research Program  How astronauts are affected by Space exploration
    Amazing Space  Classroom resources and activities based on discoveries made by the Hubble Space Telescope
    Made From History  Stories, videos, infographics and explanations about historical events from four periods
    Discovering Ancient Egypt  Pharaohs, pyramids, temples, mummification, hieroglyphs and more…
    Some Were Neighbours  US Holocaust Memorial Museum online exhibition exploring collaboration and complicity
    Explanimations  New Scientist YouTube channel – science and technology videos exploring big ideas and abstract concepts
    Engineer Girl  The exciting opportunities that engineering represents for girls and women
    Deep Time  A history of the Earth – interactive infographic using a 12-hour clock analogy
    Issue 62 April 2015

    Issue 62Global Street Art  Graffiti and street art from around the world
    ArtsEdge  Kennedy Center resources for teaching and learning in, through and about the arts
    You Made That  An abstract-expressionist tool to create and share artwork
    Smarthistory  Videos and articles on art from Khan Academy
    NGA Images  The collections of the National Gallery of Art
    Get the Math  Algebra in real world careers. Interactive challenges
    Absurd Math  An interactive mathematical problem-solving game series.
    Poetry Idea Engine  Activity from Scholastic for writing haikus, free verse, limericks, and more!
    Musicovery  Select your own music playlists using a Mood Matrix
    Drone Video of Nazi Concentration Camp  Auschwitz-Birkenau as it is today
    Magna Carta 800th  Commemorating 800 years of democracy from the signing of the Great Charter of Liberty at Runnymede
    Issue 61 February 2015
    Issue 61Space Rip Space and Astronomy videos online
    100,000 Stars Travel into the galaxy and zoom in to the planets in our Solar System
    Pigments Through the Ages Explore the history of colours up to the early 20th Century. Pigment catalogue, mixing paints
    CoSketch Collaborative, real-time drawing online whiteboard. Easily visualise and share sketches
    The Atoms Family Monsters, mummies and vampires teach about energy, light, atoms and conservation
    World Factbook Information from the CIA about history, people, government, economy, geography
    Global Trek Go on a virtual tour in this site from SCHOLASTIC. Keep an online journal of your travels
    Novels on Location Find out where stories are set – Click to see the location, and view a short summary
    Waste in Space Infographic about the growing menace of orbiting debris and the danger to satellites and spacecraft
    Issue 60 December 2014
    Issue 60History Channel Christmas Christmas facts, videos, history
    Real Trees 4 Kids The story and science of real tree-farming
    Online Science Interactive Science resources – Museum of Science & Industry Chicago
    SciShow Videos featuring science news, history and concepts
    Kinetic City Science experiments, games, activities and challenges collected by the AAAS
    History Today Popular history from the magazine
    InnerBody Human anatomy interactives and information
    Maths is Good for You  Famous mathematicians, maths timeline , well-known theorems
    JPL Infographics NASA infographics about Space missions and projects
    Issue 59 November 2014
    Issue 59RIJKSSTUDIO Over 125,000 high-res images from the Rijksmuseum – create your own portfolio
    TEACHING WITH MUSEUM COLLECTIONS Links to US National Park Service virtual exhibits – including Dinosaurs
    BIOLOGY BROWSER Find a wide range of Biology resources including current Science news stories
    SCIENCETAKE Short videos from the New York Times about puzzling scientific phenomena
    STORYNORY Free audio stories including classics, seasonal tales and Greek myths
    VISUWORDS Graphical dictionary showing meanings and displaying associated words and concepts
    DISCOVERING ANTARCTICA  Activities, images, videos and fact sheets
    CATLIN SEAVIEW SURVEY Coral reefs revealed in high-resolution, 360-degree panoramic vision
    THE HISTORY FACULTY More than 70 videos on a range of history subjects for IB / A-level
    NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM Online learning resources from the London NHM
    Issue 58 September 2014
    Issue 58MOLECULARIUM PROJECT Explore and understand the molecular nature of the world
    SCIENCE NEWS FOR STUDENTS Stories about the latest happenings in the world of science
    INTERACTIVE PERIODIC TABLE GAME to help understand patterns and trends within the Table
    ATMOSPHERIC OPTICS Atmospheric phenomena: rainbows, shadows, coronas, fogbows..
    ARTSY Artworks online from museums and galleries around the world, and Education section
    SMARTY PINS Geography game from Google Maps
    SCIENCE OF GOLF Videos exploring the physics involved in the game
    VIRTUAL SWIM Animations of Olympic swimmers for analysis and education
    SUNSMART Keep safe and protect yourself from the harmful effects of exposure to UV radiation
    HYBRID MEDICAL ANIMATION Videos to help students visualise cellular and molecular process in the human body
    Issue 57 August 2014
    Issue 57
    Hubble telescope, discoveries, images and future plans
    Space Weather Center Plasmas, Earth’s protective shield, storms. Games and activities
    Stanford Solar Center Facts about our closest star, weather in space, history, resources
    Your Weight on Other Worlds What you weigh on Mars or the Moon
    The Engineering Design Process NASA video series – how engineers approach and solve problems
    What is Weather? BBC site explaining basic weather terms. How climate affects humans – simple activities
    MetService NZ’s weather authority: in-depth weather information 24/7 365 days a year. Learning Centre
    GeoHive Global population statistics presented in a variety of ways. Geopolitical data
    ARKive A record of life on Earth – photos, videos and other resources.
    Encyclopedia of Life Life on Earth – images, video, sounds, maps and more
    1066 Take command of the Saxon, Norman or Viking army. Fight the battles to determine England’s fate
    Issue 57 August 2014

    Issue 57 General ElectionELECTIONS NZ Electoral Commission website  – includes ‘Learning & Resources’ section for teachers
    KIDS VOTING Raising awareness about NZ’s electoral processes – register to receive resources for Kids Voting at your school
    ELECTION DAYS History of general elections in NZ, and how they are changing through technology
    YAHOO NZ NEWS News feed of the latest election stories
    ELECTIONS NEW ZEALAND National Library’s list of useful resources
    NEW ZEALAND ELECTION STUDY Analysis of political behaviour across eight successive general elections
    NEW ZEALAND PARLIAMENT NZ’s system of government, what Parliament does, how we choose MPs and how laws are made. Includes a resources section for teachers.
    REGISTER OF POLITICAL PARTIES Information about the political parties, and links to their websites.
    Issue 56 July 2014
    Issue 56Artcyclopedia Database of artists and art-related websites
    Art Babble Video website from the Indianapolis Museum – the creation of art, artists and art collections
    Incredible Art Department Art lessons, teacher resources
    Visual Thesaurus Spelling Bee Spelling and vocabulary activities
    Giza 3D Reconstruction and tour of the Giza pyramids in Egypt
    How Do We Smell TED-Ed Original lesson exploring how molecules in the air translate to smells in the brain
    Zombie Plague from The STEMware™ project. Identify the pathogen causing a deadly disease outbreak, implement a cure
    Mapping our World OXFAM site – the relationship between maps and globes. Different projections. IWB activities
    Journey Into Amazonia PBS Explore the Amazon basin’s plants, animals, waterways. ‘Amazon Explorer’ game
    Habitats BBC  Explore terrestrial, freshwater and marine habitats. Animal and plant adaptations
    Issue 55 May 2014
    Dinosaurs walked the Earth for more than 150 million years – learn more.

    Issue 55 DinosaursWalking With Dinosaurs  Dinosaur  news, pictures and videos from the BBC
    The Reign of Dinosaurs  Simple interactive timeline from the New Scientist – when different dinosaurs lived
    Kids Dinos  Dinosaur database, palaentology information and dinosaur games
    The Dinosaur Society  Scientific information about dinosaurs – news, images, links to museums and dinosaur websites
    Dinosaurs  Discovery Channel dinosaur video library
    Dinosaurs for Kids  Dinosaur information, activities, puzzles and games
    Dinosaur Eggs  National Geographic egg hunt and activities to learn about dinosaur life cycles
    Dinosaur Train Games, videos and other resources from PBS for younger children
     Issue 55 May 2014
    Issue 55Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security Migration, climate impact on people – interactive world map
    BBC Science Clips Virtual science experiments for yrs 1-8
    Best Choice NCEA Chemistry tutorials from the University of Auckland
    The Exploratorium Creative, thought-provoking resource for science learning and experimentation
    Junior General Simulations of historical battles for learning about military history
    Rome Reborn 3D digital models showing the urban development of ancient Rome
    Photo Agency of the Reunion des Musees Nationaux French history through the works of art in its museums
    Kidtopia Safe online search engine for young web users
    Poems and Stories for Kids Inspirational poems and silly stories – Laugh Think Explore Believe
    Switch Zoo Create weird and wonderful animals, take a photo and share your creature
    President of Russia Russian politics  – news, documents, speeches and more
    Explore Parliament Democratic processes in NZ, how laws are made
    Issue 54 April 2014
    WORLD WAR 1 100th anniversary 28 July 2014
    WIssue 54 WW1W100 New Zealand Government online hub for the centenary commemorations of NZ’s participation in WW1
    World War One Interactive site on The Great War from the BBC, including resources for teachers
    NZ and the First World War Comprehensive information from NZ History online: Gallipoli and the NZEF units, to the aftermath
    Story: First World War Te Ara website – the story of the conflict from origins through campaigns, to the effect on NZ identity
    First World War Resources and information, including source documents, plus an audio archive and photos
    WW1 Cemeteries  Remembrance, and a guide to the military cemeteries and memorials of WW1
    World War 1 Videos, articles and photos from The History Channel
    World War 1 Videos from Watch Know Learn
    World War 1 Educational videos, lessons, games, activities from Neo K12’s World
    Issue 54 April 2014
    Issue 54 BTHREE JARS Fun money-management activities for ages 5-13 “Spend Save and Share”
    PAPER MONEY GALLERY  Images of banknotes from around the world – sorted by region, searchable
    STORYLINE ONLINE Well-known actors reading children’s fiction books
    STORY TIME FOR ME Read and listen to online interactive picture books
    MATHWORLD ONLINE encyclopedia of mathematics
    DISCOVER ANATOMY Skeletons – why we have them, how the body moves.  Activities and resources from the Royal Institution
    COLOR VISION AND ART Interactives from the WebExhibits online museum – vision science and the emergence of modern art
    SMART HISTORY Art History resources – images, essays, video and audio about eras and themes
    SLEEP FOR KIDS Discover more about sleep with the help of PJ Bear
    Issue 53 February 2014
    Issue 53WORDSMYTH Online dictionaries, puzzle solvers, quiz tools
    VOCABAHEAD Fun way to learn new words – customise lists
    MATHWORDS Interactive online dictionary for Maths terms and formulae
    TIMEREF.COM Medieval and Middle Ages history: timelines and more
    BROUGHT TO LIFE History of medicine through objects and multimedia activities
    SMITHSONIAN SCIENCE EDUCATION CENTER Student Games Online learning activities
    RI CHANNEL Science video collection from the Royal Institution of Great Britain
    QUIZGEO Create, play, and share quizzes based on geography using Google maps
    ART INTERACTIVES from San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
    Issue 52 December 2013
    Issue 52CHRISTMAS MAZE Game and listening activity from OUP
    VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS Christmas Customs and traditions from that era
    SUPERMATH GOLF Estimate angle and distance for a hole in one
    CYBERCHASE Maths and problem-solving puzzles from PBS Kids
    ANDY WARHOL Art, biography, classroom activities
    LSO PLAY  London Symphony Orchestra – musicians, instruments, performances
    KATHERINE MANSFIELD SOCIETY  Resources for teaching and studying KM
    KATHERINE MANSFIELD Insights into KM’s work and life
    CHESSKID  Chess rules and strategies, solve puzzles, play online
    PROFESSORCHESS Extensive collection of chess teaching resources
    Issue 51 October 2013
    Interface 51LIFESAVER Making choices in an emergency. CPR
    HUMAN HEART Development, structure, blood circulation & health. Franklin Institute
    BONE BIOLOGY FOR KIDS Skeleton, bone health, a quiz
    BRITISH LIBRARY ONLINE Maps, manuscripts etc. from the collections
    GARDEN, ARK, TOWER, TEMPLE Biblical metaphors of knowledge in early modern Europe
    Franklin Institute CASE FILES History of Science & Technology – famous people
    GRAMMAR NINJA Grammar games: using nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, speech
    CLASSICS FOR KIDS Music, composers, instruments, music dictionary, games & lesson plans
    YUMMY MATH Mathemetics challenges using everyday scenarios.
    Issue 49 August 2013
    JACKSON POLLOCK ART Drawing app for digital dripping artworks
    NGAkids ART ZONE Art-making tools for exploration & creativity
    HOW THINGS FLY Information & activities from the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum
    PhET Interactive simulations: Physics, Chem, Bio, Earth Science, Maths
    PLANET QUEST NASA – the search for another Earth planet exploration
    LISTEN & READ National Geographic’s Young Explorer audio magazines about animals
    DINOSAUR DEN Information, extinction, and other dinosaur stuff
    NUMBER NUT A range of Maths activities.  Glossary, workbooks
    COUNT ON Fun, educational Maths games, mysteries, puzzles, resources & links
    Issue 50 September 2013
    Issue 5040 MAPS THAT EXPLAIN THE WORLD Global maps from the Washington Post on a range of topics
    GRAMMAR SNACKS Snack-size animations from the British Council
    G’DAY MATH Explore quadratics and the quadratic formula, with videos and links to related resources
    ARKive Explore 15,000 of the world’s endangered species. Images, games and activities
    SCIENCE VOCABULARY HANGMAN Learn scientific words and terms while playing a game of hangman.
    MUSOPEN Online music library of copyright-free music
    GIZA 3D Explore the Pyramids and other monuments as they would have looked about 4,500 years ago
    STONEHENGE PANORAMA Interactive 360-degree panorama of the standing stones at Stonehenge
    LASCAUX Visit this Stone Age cave in France and explore the pre-historic paintings
    Issue 48 July 2013

    Interface issue 48NEWSPAPER MAP Find and read newspapers from around the world
    FAMOUS SPEECHES Listen to influential world leaders’ speeches, read biographies.
    ALL THINGS SCIENCE More than 600 videos on science topics.
    CURCUIT LAB Select components to create electrical circuits, then test them.
    BOOKDRUM Reviews of a wide range of classic and contemporary fiction and non-fiction.
    FORENSIC OUTREACH Forensic science, crime investigation – bodies, bones, fieldwork and more
    FREE CLASSROOM MAPS Country, regional and world outline maps for printing in various sizes.
    WORDTAMER Creative storywriting site with a circus theme – tame words, and train stories.
    MAKE MY PLATE Calculate nutritional values of foods and meals
    Issue 48 July 2013
    May 29 2013 marked the 60th anniversary of the first successful ascent of Mount Everest / Chomolungma
    Resources about the world’s tallest mountain and the historic achievement of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay.Websites for Learning 48 EverestMY STORY: Sir Edmund Hillary Resources from Scholastic
    BBC RESOURCES for the 60th anniversary
    NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC photos, maps, quizzes and news about the climb
    THE REST OF EVEREST videos of a recent expedition to Everest
    RIVERS OF ICE a virtual trek to Base Camp looking at valleys and glaciers
    ROYAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY information and resources
    EVEREST BASE CAMP Street view from Google Maps
    Issue 47 May 2013

    Websites for Learning 47 Interface magazineFIGURE THIS! Fun and engaging maths challenges from NCTM that students can do at home with their families
    JOHNNIE’S MATH PAGE Hundreds of interactive maths learning activities and games
    MATH CATS Creative, open-ended maths explorations through games and interactive projects
    FROM CAVE PAINTINGS TO THE INTERNET the history of Information and Media from the beginning of records to the present
    BBC PLANET DINOSAUR GAME Grow a dinosaur and watch it explore its environment. Games to play – will you survive?
    TATE KIDS  Virtual galleries, films, and ideas for making art. Art games plus “Adult Zone” for teachers
    ABCya! Kindergarten children’s computer games & activities: large and easy-to-use navigation buttons as well as voice instructions
    CBEEBIES Fun activities for young children: games, songs, stories and rhymes, music and songs from the BBC
    FUN SCHOOL Preschool section: games and exercises, plus printable activities
    Issue 46 April 2013
    Websites for Learning 46CREATIVE COMMONS RESOURCES New “Free to Mix” 12-page guide and other CC resources for NZ teachers
    TREE OF LIFE EXPLORER Interactive tool to explore evolutionary relationships
    NATIVE ANIMALS OF NZ Department of Conservation site – our unique fauna
    DISEASE DETECTIVES Information, activities, photos and videos about infectious diseases
    SOUND MAPS British Library collection of more than 50,000 sounds from around the world
    MULTIPLICATION Games, worksheets, flash cards and bingo cards to teach multiplication skills
    MY FAVOURITE SCIENTIST Videos profiling leading scientists, past and present – some well-known, others more obscure
    FETCH!  Science role-playing games and information from PBS.
    Issue 45 February 2013
    Interface websites issue 45 webBLOOD TYPING GAME
     for learning about blood types and transfusions
    EDCANVAS Digitally organise resources on a topic in one place, then share or embed
    RUBEN THE ROAD SAFETY BEAR keeping safe on the roads for young children
    SEEING SCIENCE Interactive tools for teaching about Life, Space, Materials, Food, Environment and Light
    EXPLORE THE SOLAR SYSTEM with video clips from BBC programmes
    GEO GAMES Geography challenges: continents, countries, cities
    THE VICTORIANS investigations in History with online notebook – save and print. IWB activities & teacher notes
    Issue 44 December 2012
    Websites for Learning 44JUNIOR GENERAL Images and scenarios of historical battles from ancient Egypt to the Vietnam War.
    INANIMATE ALICE Digital novel set in a technology-saturated near future. Text, animation, videos, music and games.
    SUGAR STACKS Visual comparison of the amount of sugar in food products. Reveal hidden sugar.
    SCIENCE OF COOKING Explore recipes, activities, and webcasts – enhance understanding of the science behind food and cooking.
    SUMANAS ANIMATION GALLERY Science topics: chemistry, biology, molecular biology, biotechnology, statistics,astronomy.
    MAPPING OUR WORLD Explore the relationship between maps and globes.
    TVO KIDS  Videos, games, activities, printables, and apps. Two sites: ECE, and ages up to 11.
    NATIONS ILLUSTRATED More than 7,000 pictures from all corners of the world.
    Issue 43 October 2012
    Websites for Learning 43GEO CUBE fun interactive resource on world geography
    POWER PLAY interactive activities for learning about how machines work
    60 SECOND RECAP one-minute videos give a quick overview of famous books
    LEARN GENETICS information, activities on DNA, genes, protein synthesis, heredity, cloning…
    GAME FOR SCIENCE Free educational games for a range of science/technology subjects and ages
    TURTLE DIARY short online interactive story books for younger readers with “Read to me” feature
    PHOTO PIN search engine for Creative Commons photos
    ONE MOMENT AROUND THE WORLD Time zones animated activity from The British Council
    Issue 42 September 2012
    Weblinks September webbSPACE INFOGRAPHICS NASA Tools and resources to create your own, plus ready-made infographics
    3D SOLAR SYSTEM simulation from Sunaeon
    MATHS VIDEOS ABOUT NUMBERS and stuff from Numberphile
    DIHEDRAL SYMMETRY AND REFLECTIONS in figures from National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
    PREHISTORIC TIME LINE from National Geographic – interactive, multimedia
    READING BEAR interactive site for teaching beginning readers through phonics
    MUSEUM BOX create a ‘display’ by placing items in a virtual box
    Issue 41 August 2012

    IMAGINE ALL THE WATER  Interactive site for learning about water usage and conservation.
    COLOUR IN MOTION  Animated characters for colours describe their symbolism and describe the emotions each one evokes.
    EVERYDAY CHEMISTRY  Simple Chemistry, scientists, scientific advances, interactive Periodic Table. Games, stories etc.
    NANCY MUSIC  Free songs, activities and information for teachers. Audio files, sheet music, MP3 recording and activities.
    TELESCOPES  Interactive tour of telescopes and their history.
    WINDOWS TO THE UNIVERSE  Earth and Space sciences. Select “Multimedia” for Image Galleries
    DESMOS GRAPHING CALCULATOR  graphs equations as you write them, redraws as you update. Works well with ActivInspire.
    Join the Desmos USER GROUP on Promethean Planet and communicate with other enthusiasts!